Tuesday, December 15, 2020


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a 2019 file of this dream is at the bottom, showing it long before it came to pass

Baseball dream 3/12/18
By Bill Weather - Main Page

    I dreamt I was on a baseball team with only 2 innings left. In this dream, as my team and I had just finished the 7th inning, we were jogging back to the dugout. That's when I was looking back at a scoreboard in the outfield. It showed only 2 innings left in the game. I then awake with a confirmation sign thru my phone. It reads 2:00 am, confirming 2 years left in this present economic game that's being played .

"2 years left in this present economic game..."
3/12/18 TO 3/12/20 FULFILLED to the day!

Sept 1, 2020 - I just Google researched this! I'm in shock!

March 12th, 2020, the 2 year anniversary of this dream, was the day that economic activity shut down more than any other day. All sports in the US shut down by or on that day. The NHL shut down that day. MLB shutting down that day. MLS soccer shut down that day. PGA golf shut down that day. NCAA basketball shut down that day.

Trump announced travel to Europe suspended. The Nordic nations that day began their shutdown. Disney World and cruise lines closed that day. 11 State Governors declared a State of Emergency that day. NY Governor shuts down all broadway musicals and bans most gatherings that day.

NYC mayor declares State Of Emergency that day. Because NYC was the nationwide epicenter, NYC mayor declaring a State Of Emergency on March 12th, made it as if it were the official shutdown day with that announcement! Many school closings were announced that day.

The main financial event, the Stock Market crashed, the DOW plunging 10% that day, which made it the biggest one day drop since the crash of 1987.

The Pentagon, the House and Senate shutdown all tours that day.

This all happened on the 2 year anniversary of my God given, March 12th, 2018 dream. If there was a day we could point to for the climax of the shutdown and shock to the economy, March 12th would be that day! Seeing this dream come to pass, at the peak of the economic crash foretold, from 2 years ago, to the day, is quite an incredible timing! Praise God! What a simple, but amazing dream! I also have this dream recorded in a previous rough release of my book, from back July, before I discovered this March 12th exact day fulfillment. And here I thought, it was just a simple dream of a general timing. Not so! God had it given 2 years ago, to the exact day of the peak, State of Emergency, Covid 19 shutdown!

Prophecy to the exact day fulfilled!

"...2 years left in this present economic game that's being played." 3/12/18 to 3/12/20


This was a file (June 2019) of this dream from my old Galaxy Note 3 (S Note format), showing this was prophesied on March 12, 2018 to me in this dream, long before it came to pass on March 12, 2020, proving it's prophetic authenticity


  1. Much more at https://911quake.com

  2. If anyone is wondering, the 6/9/19 date in the file, is from a file transfer I did then, still long before 2020.

  3. Wow. You sound batshit crazy, dude. Seek help.

    1. Wow dude. That's no rebuttal. Find a logical mind.

  4. This idiot weather is a fanatical numerologist, believe me God never knew this loony toons

    1. God often speaks thru numbers in the bible. Your ignorance is not an excuse to bring accusation.

  5. Wow I will be protecting my family from the megaquake, do you know any communities actively forming to deal with this disaster???

    1. I do not. It is because of unbelief that no one is preparing.